In a big meadow with grass so tall, lies the whispers of dreams for one and all.
Where do our dreams and aspirations lie?
They are stored in the fields where the grass grows so high.
A gentle sweet breeze can be seen as it blows, softly through the grass, in
between and below.
Ever so gently the wind does wake, our dreams and visions for each one to take.
Softly and sweetly our dreams come to life, to find the people that call to them, all
through the night.
The dreamers that dream so sweetly you see, are the people that will find their
miracles for to teach.
The world is filled with all kinds of people, but the dreamers that awaken are the
best kept secrets.
The mid- summer’s heat makes the grass smell so sweet, and the wind from the
sky makes the grass blow on bye.
Close your eyes for a moment and breath in quite deep, your dreams will be
waiting to find you when you sleep.

Photo courtesy of our friend, David Joaquin at www.twohawkstudio.com

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