Why We All Need One

            A key part of healthy skin is getting a good deep cleansing facial from time to time to keep your pores clean and your skin glowing. For many people, the idea of a facial seems like a splurge we don’t feel like taking. However, from time to time, it is important to splurge on ourselves, to give our body the love, care, and restoration it deserves. We put our bodies through a lot every day and we expose it to a lot of toxins. For those of you who live in a busy city, your skin is exposed to even more toxins and dirt. Take it from someone who lives in the dirty and busy city of New York, I expose my skin to a lot every time I step outside my apartment. I travel down streets blanketed with a cloud of pollution and subways with allowing for little personal space. It’s safe to say that my skin is exposed to a lot of toxins every day. Your pores can get clogged and your skin can lose its glow very easily.

Once in awhile, it’s important to invest in our skincare and strong exfoliating facial that will help clear up your skin. Whether you are someone who has bad acne or clear skin, a deep cleansing facial is necessary. Each facial will vary depending on what time of skin you have and what your individual needs are, but a thorough purgative facial will be beneficial regardless. I know we have seen some at-home tools we can use in a replacement of a deeply thorough facial but it doesn’t work as well as going for a deep cleansing facial, I hate to say it. Deep cleansing facials use a variety of different treatments to get deep into your pores and clean them out. These treatments are very thorough which is why they are very effective.

An Outline of The Treatment

Why don’t we go through some of the treatments you will experience during your facial if this experience will be a first for you. At first, your face is going to be steamed to open up your pores so you can get better cleaning. Next, comes the extractions. While facials can and should be relaxing, I’m not going to say the entire experience is going to be relaxing, with beauty comes pain. These extractions can be uncomfortable. During the extraction part of the facial, whiteheads and blackheads will be removed, usually with a small extraction tool.

If you have ever popped a pimple, you can anticipate the same discomfort during the extraction portion of the facial. This is the most vital and effective part of your treatment as this is what truly gets rid of the dirt and toxins that get stuck in your pores. After the steaming, a lot of dirt will come to the surface of our skin, dirt that we didn’t even know existed in our pores, so the extraction portion of your facial may take longer than anticipated. But rest assured, those blackheads and those whiteheads will be long gone by the end of your treatment.

What To Expect After

After the annoying poking and prodding of your pores comes the relaxing part of the treatment. You’ll get a deep pore cleansing treatment just to clean your face off and then a healing mask, which feels amazing, in my opinion. Depending on where you go, you can also expect a variety of serums and moisturizers that may be incorporated into your treatment at the end.  After your deep cleansing facial, you should anticipate redness in your face for the rest of the day. This is understandable as the extraction portion of the facial is a lot on anyone’s face. Once the redness passes, you will love the fresh glowing look your skin is going to have. Your skin is going to look much smoother and rejuvenated, and your pore size will be reduced as well; after all, they haven’t clogged with dirt anymore.

No matter what time of skin you have, whether you haven’t had a pimple a day in your life of you are covered with acne, you can benefit from a deep cleansing facial. Everyone and everything needs a good deep cleaning from time to time and we want our skin looking it’s best at all times. While home remedies can help, nothing compares to have a professional go in and deeply clean out your pores. Life gets busy and we barely have the time to clean our own homes let alone our skin, but once in a while, you have to stop and take the time to care for yourself. Deep cleansing facials don’t have to be part of your regular skincare routine but something that should be incorporated once in a while to get out the toxins you don’t even realize you have.

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