Benefits of Keeping a Clean Face

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Let’s Talk About Keeping Our Skin Clean

    Finding a good cleansing lotion is a vital part of keeping your face clean and glowing. Since we were young we were told to always wash our faces, once in the morning and once at night. Our pores get dirty so easily and we want to avoid acne so we must keep our skin clean. While this seems like a daunting task, to have to constantly be cleaning our faces, it needs to be done. It does not matter if you spend your days sitting at an office desk or you are working out in a cycle studio, you need to wash your face with a cleansing cream that is going to get the job done.

The Air Is Filled with Toxins

Oils and dirt start to pile onto our skin every day, whether we realize it or not. Using a cleansing lotion allows your skin to breathe after a long day of being exposed to dirt and toxins. We expose our skin to so much pollution, half of which we cannot even see. If you are someone who lives in an overcrowded city, like me, you know how much dirt is out there. Every day that I step outside in New York City I am exposed to a wide range of dirt, pollution, and contamination that fills the overpopulated streets of this city. Your skin absorbs all that dirt and takes it with you. Cleansing lotion and cream stripe your skin of all that dirt and toxins to give you that healthy glow we all are chasing after.

What Is Cleansing Lotion?

For those of you who don’t know what cleansing lotion specifically does, it is formulated to remove impurities, makeup, and toxins from your skin. This allows your skin to breathe and to glow, instead of being dulled by the dirt that is filling its pores. Cleansing lotions have also proven to prevent oily skin and blackheads with consistent use. So, even if you have oily skin, there is a way to solve that. Many people think that oily skin is just a fact that is unchangeable, but if you commit to using your cleansing lotion every day, you can change that. If you have dry skin it helps your skin feel soft and more comfortable. No matter what kind of skin you have, you will benefit from using a cleansing lotion daily.

Time to Put Together A Skin Regimen

No one wants to have to worry about a pimple when they have so many other things going on in their life. So, why not take the time to plan out a skin regimen that is going to work for you and your skin. Dedicate one day to shopping for skincare items so that you create a habitual routine for yourself. Dedicate just one day, so you don’t have to think about it again, and it flows into your everyday life. Now, everyone has different skin and therefore needs to be treated differently. The cleansing lotion your best friend is using, that she is begging you to try, might not be right for your skin type. So, the first step in finding that perfect washing cream is deciding what kind of skin you have. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, easily irritable skin, there is a cleansing lotion out there for you.

What Skin type are you?

If you are someone that has more sensitive skin, you want to look for a cleansing lotion that is on the gentler side. Something that does not have too many ingredients that could upset your skin. If you have dry skin, especially with the colder months coming up, you should be looking for a cleanser that is more on the lotion side, something a little thicker than your average face wash. For those of you with oily skin, I would suggest a lighter facial cleanser that should be followed by a toner. The toner will help even out the oiliness of your skin and should be applied only after you have used your cleanser. Now, if you are someone dealing with acne or an excess of blackheads, cleansing wash should be your best friend. There is no way to get rid of those impurities if you are not washing your face religiously.

You Have to Go Organic

Now, I think that there is no option but to go organic when you are shopping for skincare. You want to use natural cleaning products to ensure the health of your skin. Using products that are filled with chemicals negates all the good you are doing for your skin by taking care of it in the first place. If you are going to put the effort into caring for your skin, you might as well go the extra mile and choose all-natural cleansing products. All-natural products are made without chemicals, dyes, or perfumes, which can easily irritate your skin. Instead, they are made with amazing smelling essential oils like lavender and mint. Other great products that are commonly found in organic lotion and cream are sage, organic oat milk, and organic sunflower oil. These leave your skin smelling and feeling fresh. These natural ingredients will nurture your skin in a way that will provide better benefits for a longer amount of time.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake As Me

When I was younger, I dealt with issues of acne and blackheads for many years. To be quite honest, however, I brought those issues upon myself. I did not give my skin the commitment to cleaning that it deserved. I owned cleansing lotion and cream, but I did not make it a daily ritual to clean my skin. I got distracted with life and my skin came second. Had I taken ten minutes out of every day to clean my skin, I would have had much clearer skin and fewer scars on my face. These scars will stay with me for a lifetime because I was too lazy to clean my skin and wow do I regret it. Not to mention, acne leads to larger pores, which are also impossible to get rid of. So, I am begging you, take the time to clean your skin, you will be thanking me.

Your Body Deserves It

We live in chaotic times and we have easily swept away with our phones, our jobs, and our social lives. Technology has honestly made our attention spans way worse. We have lost patience for the little things and we never take time for ourselves. So, take your skincare routine as an opportunity to spend ten minutes with yourself, nurturing yourself. Pamper yourself so that you feel good. The better you feel, the more you will succeed in your everyday life. During your ten minutes of skincare each day, you can thank your body for all that it does for you. Show it the love it deserves for housing you and supporting you. So much hard work was put into making that body, the least you can do is keep it clean and healthy. After all, who doesn’t want their skin to glow? There is an easy fix for avoiding unwarranted pimples and blackheads and it is the simple act of cleansing.

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