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We Want Beautiful, Natural Skin 

    We all want beautiful, natural skin, and I am here to tell you how to achieve that. For some of us, beautiful natural skin is harder to achieve than it is for others. However, we can all have that healthy glow we want with some good natural skincare. Finding a skin regimen that works for you and your skin is a key part of having healthy and glowing skin. To find the best skincare for you, you first need to decide what type of skin you have. Just because your mom is using a great moisturizer that she insists you try, does not mean that moisturizer is the right fit for your skin type. I’m not saying the moisturizer she’s using isn’t great, I’m just saying that it might not be great for you. 

What Products Do You Need? 

Like everything else, our skin is unique to us, and none of us are the same. Regardless of what type of skin you have, there is a perfect natural skincare routine out there for you. Now, let’s talk about all the products that you should be investing in while trying to achieve that natural glow. You are going to need a good deep cleansing lotion, moisturizer, body lotion, and a good lip balm if you are going to go all out. Now, this may seem like a lot, but our skin does a lot for us so it requires a lot of nurturing. You don’t have to invest in all of these products, but if you want a great regimen, I would suggest that all of these products. 

Cleansing Lotion

It does not matter if you spend your days sitting at an office desk or you are working out in a cycle studio, you need to wash your face with a cleansing lotion that is going to get the job done. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, easily irritable skin, or just neutral skin, there is a perfect cleansing lotion out there for you. If you are someone that has more sensitive skin, you want to look for a cleansing lotion that is on the gentler side. Something that does not have too many ingredients that could upset your skin. If you have dry skin, especially with the colder months coming up, you should be looking for a cleanser that is more on the lotion side, something a little thicker than your average face wash. For those of you with oily skin, I would suggest a lighter facial cleanser that should be followed with a toner

The Best Face Moisturizer 

            If you do not want wrinkles, moisturizer is your best friend. Whether you are fifteen or fifty, you should be moisturizing religiously. To me, moisturizing and cleansing are the two most important parts of your natural skincare routine. Moisturizing ensures the longevity of your tight skin, especially if you are someone who enjoys sitting in the sun. For those of you who are more on the oily side, I recommend looking for a lotion instead of cream, something that has a more exfoliating aspect to it; you don’t want to be adding more oils to your already oily skin. Many scientists believe that the excess oils on your skin are your body’s way of overcompensating for being under-hydrated. Using a moisturizer might be the perfect way to restore balance to your skin.

Best Organic Lip Balm

            There is absolutely nothing worse than chapped lips. You go to crack a smile and it hurts. However, finding the best natural lip balm is a quick and easy solution for this issue. Having moisturized lips is a vital part of getting that glow. If you are someone with drier lips, you are going to want an organic lip balm that is on the thicker side. There are lip balms specifically designed for healing so I would look for something of that nature. If you are someone with inflammation or sores, you want to look for a more soothing product, one that has a buttercream or aloe in it. If you are someone who is looking for sun protection, you are in luck. There are a lot of brands that make lip balm with SPF protection, so you can keep your lips soft and protected from sun damage.

Ingredients to Look For 

            The best part of using organic skin products is they use all-natural, delicious smelling products that leave you feeling fresh. Some of my favorite natural ingredients to use or look for in my products include cocoa butter, shea butter, lavender extract, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. These oils are all light and so great for your skin, not to mention they smell delicious. All these products come from the earth so how could they not be great for us. Another plus to all-natural skin products is that they don’t use perfumes to give their products a good smell. Perfumes in skin products can dry you out. The ingredients they use to create the products are both good for you and smell delicious without drying you out. 

Go Organic or Go Home

By now you should understand the importance of choosing all-natural products. Organic products have become a fad of the times, so it is easy to find these products these days. However, I want you to be wary of labels. A lot of products say they are organic when they are not completely all-natural products. When you are making sure your product is truly organic you should be looking for a USDA label. The USDA labels have two different qualifications for products. They either label them “100% organic” or “organic”. The labeling that says just “organic” means that there can be up to 5% synthetic oils and other ingredients found in the product. The “organic” label just means that the product was still made in an attempt to create the most all-natural and effective body lotion they can for consumers, but it’s not completely 100% organic.

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Give Your Skin the Love It Deserves 

You want to feed your skin only the most natural products to receive the most benefits. Loading up your skin with chemicals and non-organic products is not going to sustain a healthy glow in the long run. Not to mention, all-natural products reduce the risk of irritation or redness in the skin. The best skin care routines are one hundred percent organic. Often chemicals in skincare products can create unforeseen reactions from the skin, something none of us want to deal with when we are chasing after that natural skin glow. On top of the benefits your skin gets from choosing organic products, it also makes a great difference for our planet. I don’t see how you could go wrong with choosing organic. 

You Are Never Too Busy for Your Skin

            Love yourself, you deserve it. Have the skin you want, you can achieve it. Dedicate some time to your skin every day and I promise you will have the natural skin glow you want. Work is demanding and so is our social lives. We wake up late and run out the door before thinking twice about brushing our hair or cleaning our faces. I get it, I’ve been there. I know how annoying it is to commit to washing and moisturizing your face twice a day. But trust me, it is the only way to achieve your dreams of beautiful skin. Everything in life takes work, including your skin. But I promise, if you give skin the love and nurturing it needs, it will return the favor. 

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