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Naturally Considerate is a way of life; a global movement inspired by the powerful relationship between Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Indigenous cultures from around the world understand the innate wisdom within nature, and this knowledge is held within each of us. Naturally Considerate products encourage you to rewild that connection to the Earth, its community and yourself.

In order to give back to the world around us, we must first give to ourselves. Instead of simply using our products, create a wellness ritual to receive both physical and spiritual benefits. It will allow you to experience a sense of rewilding for your heart, mind, and body, creating a connection to the freedom inside your soul.

Naturally Considerate products are designed to work harmoniously with each other and with nature to benefit your skin and bring out the best within your body and life. We never use parabens, dyes or harsh chemicals, and never test on animals. Instead, our products are formulated with pure, organic and wildcrafted essential oils. These gifts from nature synergistically assist the skin’s natural desire to revive, refresh and rejuvenate; while encouraging healing for your mind, body, and spirit.

Make the most of these gifts and open yourself up to higher aspects of nourishment by creating a daily rewilding ritual. As you use our skincare, wellness and lifestyle products, take a moment for yourself and set forth your intention to rewild.

Balance Heart Mind Body Spirit

Live a Naturally Considerate Way of Life.

All net proceeds from the sale of Naturally Considerate products are donated to CANA Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. CANA Foundation works to promote the wellbeing of Nature through projects focusing on America’s wild horses, indigenous peoples, and the environment.

Discover the meaning. Uncover your message.

Rewild your life. 


“In the deepest, darkest night is a feather that takes flight. From the wings of Pegasus, a gift for all, a message he brings.”

Pegasus is the symbol of inspiration and wisdom creating beauty and power wherever he goes. From the wings of Pegasus, the white feather is a message for you to connect with your spirit by rewilding your heart, mind, and body. It’s said that everywhere Pegasus struck his foot to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth. This is the energy that inspires us to live a Naturally Considerate way of life.

“He is the one that we revere

as he brings inspiration for all to hear.

He travels the cosmos in every place,

to bring the messages spanning time and space.

He brings his strength to share with all.

With a gentle breeze,

a feather from his wings will fall.

I hold that feather safe and strong

as I know from the wings of Pegasus it did spawn.

A fond remembrance for me to see

who I am and what I can be.”

-White Feather

The journey of Naturally Considerate actually started in 1969 when two friends, Lois and Sandy, sat at the only health food store in Manhattan and decided that the beauty of nature needed to be conveyed in skin care products. They wanted to show the world that true beauty came from within and flourished when we understood our innate connection to nature and the planet. Thus was born the first catalyst for the natural skin care movement in the early ‘70’s. I’m one of the daughters of those gals!

Growing up, all I wanted to do was ride my horse and play outside but instead, I had to stick labels on bottles and run around with a basket of fresh fruit, talking to customers. I never really understood the magnitude of change that my mother and Sandy were creating. To be quite frank, I don’t think they understood the long lasting impact and importance of their work. Their cosmetic and skin care line was called “I” Natural Cosmetics. The “I” represented the word “individual.”

As individuals, we begin our journey by searching for our soul selves. It’s only when we understand our connection to nature and each other, that we genuinely embrace our inner beauty and power. This journey allows us to tap into our true authenticity and become empowered individuals. Through this understanding, we find happiness and peace within our selves and the world around us.

As my own personal journey unfolded, I realized the full depth of my mother and Sandy’s message, and how important it still is in so many ways. My mother always told me that they were ahead of their time and looking back, perhaps they were laying the groundwork for a Naturally Considerate way of life. Our movement today is the continuation of their message during a time when the world is ready to hear it.

Cheers to Lois and Sandy whose insight and creativity I’m in awe of. Naturally Considerate is for you!

Skincare with a conscience.