Messages from White Feather

When a feather appears, it is said to hold a special meaning. Dropped from a higher peak, these feathers hold a message that enable a greater perspective. A white feather, in particular, represents purity and transformation. The white feather is a symbol of peace in many cultures throughout the world. Pegasus, too, bound through the sky on white-feathered wings — lifted on friendship and unity with the gods, free of fear. The white feather to this day brings messages of peace and freedom.

It is in this spirit of peaceful inspiration that we are launching a series of white feather messages to share every week, meant to bring the spirit of Pegasus into your busy life. The messages we will share represent the joy and love for the natural world that we all have in common. We hope that they inspire you to share in our journey to rewild the world that we all live in, rejuvenate the world for the wild horses who struggle for freedom, and spread these messages throughout your life.

As we share these messages, we will compile them here; take a moment to be inspired by the message of the white feather.