The concept of rewilding is one that aspires to bring all things back to their original natural state of being while working and living harmoniously together. This is the way of nature and we must remember that we are a part of nature’s plan. Rewilding allows us to open up our heart, mind and body to connect to our inner spirit, our true beauty and power. This journey to rewild and become more Naturally Considerate to ourselves, others, and the world around us, is more important now than ever.

Naturally Considerate products have been created with the specific intention to help you rewild. Our products re-establish the connection to your inner beauty, essence, and spirit; through the beauty and medicine within nature. Our unique rewilding rituals combine skincare and wellness routines that nourish inner and outer beauty; restoring yourself to a natural, connected state of health & wellness.

Our products are designed to work harmoniously with each other and with nature to benefit your skin and bring out the best within your body and life. Our use of hemp oil, sage, omega-3 and 6, whole plant essential oil combinations and balancing audio sounds will nourish and restore balance to the skin and body. These unique rituals, along with your intention to rewild, begin your journey to a Naturally Considerate way of life.

Take a moment, free yourself, connect and rewild.


Choose a moment and sacred space that feels right to you. This can be your washroom, a personal space inside a house or room, or even outdoors. Your sacred space can even vary daily, if you so choose.

Bring any candles, stones, pillows, incense, etc. and ensure your “Prayer Keeper” sage bundle is situated in a special place.

Choose an audio experience, either of your own or from, that resonates with your rewilding moment. It can be played at any time to heighten your personal experience.

Sit quietly, close your eyes and focus on slow, steady, deep breaths allowing yourself to float away into a world of relaxation and beauty. Take at least 10 minutes, or the amount of time that is right for you. Begin to set forth the intentions that will remind you of your higher self and the greater good.


Free yourself inside your sacred space and allow yourself to be in the moment. There is no set amount of time to rewild; but taking the time you need is essential. Connect with your physical and emotional state. Light your “Prayer Keepers” sage bundle to purify and balance your heart, mind and body.

After smudging, continue to play the rewilding soundtrack of your choice to evoke and engage desired feelings.

If your sacred space was not in your washroom, then retain this feeling of freedom as you transition to that space.

Once inside your washroom, allow the essence of water to cascade over your face and gently cleanse away impurities from your day. Cleanse face and body in a circular motion, gently inhaling the therapeutic effects of RUNNING CREEK face wash and WHITEWATER body wash.


Envelop yourself in the sacredness of mother nature’s gifts. Apply REWILD sacred spritz as a toner and then REFLECTION serum to the face after washing. Deeply inhale and connect with the essences and therapeutic properties of hemp, neroli and clary sage.

Apply WELL BEING lotion to the body and SPEAK ONLY LOVE to moisturize your lips and seal your thoughts, intentions and words with purpose and kindness.


Allow the magic of your rewilding moment to create balance and harmony for your skin and the energy that surrounds you.

Celebrate the gifts that rewild your heart, mind and body.

The purpose of using a sage smudge stick is to cleanse both yourself and your environment and rid your body, mind and physical space of negativity. The smoke is your connection to the spiritual world and creator. Have a conversation; speak and listen.


First, pick a sacred space that is still and quiet. Remove your glasses, jewelry and other accessories so no senses are distracted and you can truly be in the moment.

Hold the sage bundle upside down and ideally, light it with a wooden match so that energy is carried from one life source to another. If that is not available, a lighter is okay. Blow out the flame and you will see embers slowly burning and smoke will start to rise. Start at the crown of your head and work your way down your body. Use a feather or your hand to fan the smoke around you to wash yourself of negativity. As you do this, breathe it in, exercise humility and pray for those around you and finally, yourself. Set forth gratitude and let positivity and love live inside you.

Your smudge stick is your connection to the spiritual world so show your respect for it and the ritual. Don’t put it on the ground and if you can, keep it and its ashes in an abalone shell or pan. And practice the ritual with a clean and sober mind, body and spirit.


In this time of expanding human consciousness and awaking, more individuals are discovering the tremendous power of sound and how it interacts with our innate ability to heal the body and connect us with the freedom inside our soul.

The universe, and everything in it, moves to specific tones and vibrations. Now more than ever, we are all embracing our individual ability to recognize not only the purity and clarity of energy contained in a given frequency, but how it effects us physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Clean and positive vibrations are what we strive to connect to.

Quartz crystal singing bowls, cello acoustics and other sounds contained within the Naturally Considerate Audio Experience are powerful tools to assist in this process. Connecting with the sound garden inside this experience assists our own innate ability to heal ourselves from the inside out. Taking the time to engage in this experience of whole being nourishment allows us to connect with our individual authentic beauty. Take a moment to free yourself, connect and rewild.

To learn more about the artists featured in our Naturally Considerate Audio Experience, please visit our Rewilding Artists tab.


The earthly tones of the cello; the heavenly vibrations of the quartz crystal singing bowls. This distinctive fusion inspired Catherine and her son Josh to create a sound experience to evoke the essence of mindfulness. Pursuing this ensemble as both an artistic and holistic craft, its purpose is to carry the listener on a profound inner journey.

Catherine Epstein is the founder of the Living Lotus Group; a dynamic resource for transformational tools of spiritual growth. A New York-based company rooted in holistic healing and mindful living, Living Lotus Group provides classes, workshops, and meditations; one-on-one and group services such as life-coaching, reiki, and sound healing; and artisanal jewelry, healing stones, crystal kits, and more through its retail branch: Jewels of the Lotus.

A recent graduate of SUNY Fredonia’s Music Performance program, Josh Epstein discovered the Art of Improvisation through a summer course of the very same name. Under the guidance of David Darling and his organization, Music for People, he began to pursue the craft of free improvisation for self expression, and has integrated it into his performances around the New York area. An attendant of the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival and Killington Music Festival, he has performed with Yo-Yo Ma and Ashanti at Tavern on the Green, and has performed in Carnegie Hall, the Tilles Center, and the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. He is also a recipient of the Rex Chao Memorial Prize from C.W. Post.

Contributions: Crystal Bowl Meditation in Naturally Considerate Rewilding Soundtrack


Sounds of nature blend with the haunting accompaniment of traditional Native American flute music in these pieces by multi-talented artist and advocate Gene Brave Rock. In Gene’s acting career he is known for his work on Wonder Woman (2017), The Revenant (2015), and AMC’s Hell on Wheels (2011) series. Gene is a member of the Kainai First Nation in Alberta, Canada. He has served as “Ambassador for Treaty 7” for six years during the Calgary Stampede where he participates in parades and acts as an inspiration for younger native people who he encourages to maintain their ties to their culture.

Contributions: Good MorningJourneyMother EarthReflectionsThunder, and Twitty Bird in Naturally Considerate Rewilding Soundtrack



Sarah Pocklington is best known as a member of the Aboriginal women’s trio ASANI. As a group this circle of First Nations and Metis women have performed across Canada and internationally at venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Saddledome in Calgary. They have been nominated and honored with multiple awards for their music and have performed for the Dalai Lama, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England, and at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, BC.

ASANI seek to use the inspiration of their cultural heritage to create music that is accessible to a wide audience but delivers a powerful message from their hearts.

Contributions: Northern Lights (Cîpayak)Aweh, and Cue #3 in Naturally Considerate Rewilding Soundtrack